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The Summit Lighthouse | Definition, History, Spiritual Practice

The Summit Lighthouse Definition The Summit Lighthouse is an international spiritual organization founded on August 7, 1958, in Washington, D.C., by Mark L. Prophet. Today it is the outreach arm of Church Universal and Triumphant, founded in 1975 by Prophet’s wife Elizabeth Clare Prophet. The stated mission of The Summit Lighthouse is to “publish and […]

Tomorrow’s Gods | What is the future of religion in the world?

What is the future of religion? What’s next? And What is the future of religion in the world? Throughout history, people’s faith and their attachments to religious institutions have transformed, argues Sumit Paul-Choudhury. Before Mohammed, before Jesus, before Buddha, there was Zoroaster. Some 3,500 years ago, in Bronze Age Iran, he had a vision of […]

Religion Articles | 100 Articles About Religions, beliefs and faith

100 Articles About Religions (Religion Articles) After a march of nearly a year in which we presented many articles about religions, faith and beliefs, in our article today we will present to you 100 articles of religions (Religion Articles) that were published on our website. Gnosticism beliefs | What are the Gnosticism beliefs summary? Gnosticism […]

Towards smarter atheism | Read And Give us your Opinion

Towards Smarter Atheism Towards Smarter Atheism: An article by a Muslim writer expressing his view of atheism. Dik al-Jinn wrote: Amidst millions of assumptions that people argue about their validity day and night, two facts emerge as clear as the sun, and no human, not even an animal, can deny them, namely birth and death, […]

Religiosity and intelligence | Atheists are smarter than believers according to science

The relation between religiosity and intelligence The study of religiosity and intelligence explores the link between religiosity and intelligence or educational level by country and on the individual level. Religiosity and intelligence are both complex topics that include diverse variables, and the interactions among those variables are not always well understood. For instance, intelligence is often […]

Naturalistic Paganism | What is Humanistic/Naturalistic Paganism?

What is Humanistic/Naturalistic Paganism? Humanistic Paganism and Naturalistic Paganism are both terms used to describe a unique Pagan path for those who are uncomfortable with or skeptical of the supernatural or metaphysical elements of contemporary Paganism.  In brief, it is Paganism without the “woo”.  Of if you prefer to frame it in affirmative terms, it is Paganism that […]

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