Scientology Religion | What is the Full Story of Scientology?

Scientology Religion: What exactly is it?

Scientology Religion sees itself as a religion founded by L. Ron Hubbard in the 1950s. The notion that each person has a reactive mind that reacts to life’s traumas, clouding the analytical mind and preventing us from understanding truth, is at the heart of Scientology.

L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, wrote that Scientology would be a close cousin to orthodox Buddhism.

So when people state Scientology is not a religion, they are usually westerners stating from their cultural viewpoint that any spiritual philosophy cannot be a religion unless it has a God-acknowledged spokesperson interpreting God’s message. Of course, this removes over half the world’s religious and spiritual beliefs and their members, including Scientologists.

The Scientology Religion belief is that you are indeed spiritual. You are life and that life is something separate and outside of the physical universe. Furthermore, there is such a thing as a creator, an infinite beingness behind all creation. Scientology is an attempt to understand what we are and how we came to be here. However, it is a natural religion, not a revealed religion. That is the difference.

Scientology Religion

What is the Full Story of Scientology Religion?

Scientology means a study of knowledge or knowing how to know. It is a study of how to know life. I will give an example. You are life. The chair you sit on is not. Life can be seen as exhibiting emotion. Your chair does not. Emotions are symptoms of life being present. For example, your chair does not get angry and sulk. But life can. You see life in your dog, and it follows these same phenomena as you. It can communicate, sulk, be happy, sad, fear, and so on.

Scientology Religion is a study of the laws of life and how they impact upon you. That is all Scientology is. A Scientologist knows life. It is supposed that if you knew all the laws of life, then perhaps you could run life, instead of life running you.

What laws am I speaking of though?

If I were studying physics I could ask, what is gravity? If we knew the absolute answer I think we could send a man beyond Mars. But we do not know truly what gravity is. We see its symptoms. We certainly see its effects – airplanes crashing, bridges being built to straddle cars over an abyss – a grazed knee when we fall. But what is gravity? Is it little gravity particles pulling at each other? If so, how do they pull? Where does the force within gravity come from? How does that force work? If it comes from atoms, what part? No one has these answers yet. But even if they do not have all the answers, it is obvious that gravity does indeed exist.

Scientology is a study similar to this but is a study of life, not the physical universe. Physics studies the physical universe for its answers. Scientology studies life for life’s answers.

Scientology is thousands of these small observances, laws, and speculations about life. That is all it is. There are tens of thousands of pages on the subject. It covers you like life, families, groups, Mankind, all living things – basically all things alive. When you start to learn what life is, and you start to know what you are yourself, life becomes very easy to live. You enjoy life.

There is a book about the easier to understand laws and phenomena of life. The book is called Scientology: The Fundamentals of Thought. If you read this book, life becomes an adventure. Sure, if you know what life is, and how it works, you have an advantage over your opponents in the game of life. But that’s life. Life is a game. It has rules and if you do not know those rules and thus you cannot win you will not enjoy the game.

What Is Scientology, Religion Or Philosophy?

Scientology is most definitely a religion, and it is most definitely a philosophy. A religion has two major categories, the revealed religion – Judaism, Christianity, Islam for example; and the natural religion. While the first category of religions is more prevalent in the West, where a founder is said to speak for God, the natural religion is more pronounced in the East. Natural religion is where a person or persons have been said to have worked out what man is as a spirit and where he fits into the cosmos of things. This would include Scientology. It also includes Buddhism and Hinduism.

While there is no straight agreed-upon definition of religion, these above two categories are how religions are majorly divided and categorized.

Philosophy is a much broader subject than religion. Religion would be a category within philosophy.

Webster’s New World Dictionary defines philosophy as The study of principles underlying conduct, thought, and the nature of the universe. The word derives from the Greek word Philos, meaning loving, plus it comes from the Greek word Sophos, which means wise. So a philosopher could also have meant someone who loves wisdom. Scientology means a study of knowledge or a study of wisdom. It is most definitely a philosophy.

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam also contain philosophy. And there are Hindu philosophies, Buddhist philosophies. Plus there are also secular philosophies of politics, business, secular conduct, and judicial philosophy. There will be teaching philosophies, sporting philosophies, and even philosophies that may not be good for man – such as philosophies of war. Philosophy is a very broad umbrella.

Religion deals with the spiritual nature of man. Once one is dead, where does one go, if at all? Where does one come from, how should one act to most benefit the world, and so on? These philosophies can include, but not always, about God, the Divine. Some Buddhist religions may not include the Divine precisely, but it does not make them any less a religion or any less philosophical. Scientology does include the Divine, but that does not make it any more of a religion than Buddhism.

L. Ron Hubbard was a philosopher in the field of spirit and thought. He traveled widely in the East as a young man and gleaned much. He was constantly learning and putting together the puzzle of what was man, what was his purpose, where did he go after this life, and could a man be bettered during his lifetime? From this inquiring search Dianetics, a philosophy about the mind was born, and soon after it, Scientology, a philosophy about the spirit emerged. Scientology was then organized into a religious body and as an organization, it spread. People found it worked on a practical level, and as a philosophy it made sense. It spread.

A Brief History Of Scientology:

Certainly, the Church of Scientology has experienced the same growth and controversiality that has been common with the evolutionary steps of all earlier major religions today.

So what is Scientology and how did it get to be here?

Scientology Religion means a study of knowledge or knowing how to know. The word Scientology was first used by L. Ron Hubbard in 1932. He is the founder of both Dianetics – a study of the mind – and Scientology.

Mr. Hubbard, as a young man, had traveled to China, Japan, India, and other Asian countries. Here he learned that man was a spirit, a life force. He learned that there were things beyond what was physical. And added to that L. Ron Hubbard also wanted to know why the man was still degraded when so much wisdom existed in the East. There was wisdom and poverty there, and both together were a contradiction. Mr. Hubbard researched both in the East and the West.

After the Second World War intervened he continued his research at the Oak Knoll Naval Hospital in 1945. Himself lame in the hip and with hindered sight, he furthered his theories of the mind and was able to use them on himself and others to heal psychosomatic ills. That is illnesses that seemed to not respond to normal medicine due to mental blocks of one form or another.

After the war, Mr. Hubbard continued his research. He published a book, called Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health. It was a runaway bestseller on the New York Times Bestseller list. Today over 22 million copies have been sold.

Soon the Dianetics movement started and research centers sprung up in the USA and people were using Dianetics to become more able and lead enriched lives.

However, there was more. The further they researched the more they found there was a lot unknown of man.

Dianetics is a technical subject whereby a person is taught to help take naturally another person’s mind back to times of physical pain and unconsciousness, and recall these times. It was found that body cells contained these recordings in a separate low-grade mind, and when these recordings have recovered a person could heal from all manner of psychosomatic illnesses. Soon the lame could walk, the speechless talk.

But the research quickly also showed that man had memories going back well into the nine months before birth. And it did not take long to find that memories were waiting to be discovered in past lives. Man, it was discovered, was a spiritual being who had lived many lifetimes, still containing the memories of those former lives and adversely affected by them.

It was found that to enable a person to start to recover his former spiritual abilities he must recover his former lives, bring them back to the present, even if in part. That is, remove the amnesia that separates a person from his previous past lifetimes.

To assist this research Mr. Hubbard theorized that an electrical meter could be made to help a skilled practitioner guide a person to those memories. Such a meter was developed and is still used in upgraded versions today by Scientology practitioners.

In the early 1950s, L. Ron Hubbard developed methods to exteriorize the person from the body. That is, separate the actual spiritual entity that is the person himself from his body. This was successful and this is now an important part of Scientology counseling and done regularly. This is called exteriorization. While this has been common to both Hindu and Buddhist philosophies, it is new to the west. The main difference now was that Scientology was developed by a westerner, who could get a person to replicate exteriorization results in weeks with another person, and not years, as in earlier philosophies.

Scientology Religion does get results. People do become more able and as a result, they start to use and practice Scientology. It is its workability and philosophy that attracts people.

The Church of Scientology of Canberra was set up in 1982. It has been an important part of the Canberra community since.

Scientology Beliefs – What Are They?

Scientology Religion believes that Man is good. That man is striving for the highest survival for himself and his fellows. That he is undoubtedly immortal and is not limited to one life. But rather, his life transcends the universe you can see around you.

This is something that is not so much a new idea, but rather a truth that has been instilled by many religions since time immemorial. If you examine life, and you see that it has only been Man to create such things as the Pyramids of Egypt and the Skyscrapers of New York City. It takes something higher than an animal to make these kinds of things.

What separates Man from a mere creature is the spirit which in Scientology Religion is referred to as a “Thetan”. The purpose of giving the spirit a name is because, in Scientology Religion, it is recognized that you ARE a spirit, and you do not have a spirit. So you would not say “My Thetan” you would simply say: “me”. (So it has been made a term in itself, so people will not get into the same idea such as “my soul”).


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